- About our Massage Therapists -

Mercedes Crabtree, LMP
 I find giving massage almost as relaxing as receiving it.  I have a deep respect for the need to balance activity with rest to allow the body time to heal and return to wellness.  
I am a nationally certified massage therapist licensed to practice massage in Washington State and am a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Prior to graduating from the Ashmead College, I attended South Puget Sound Community College.  I am continuing my education at Bellevue College and aspire to follow in my families foot steps and attend The University Of Washington.

I enjoy the outdoors, dreaming of my next grand travel adventure and spending time with friends and family.
I enjoy taking care of my community that is not limited to North Bend; but Snoqualmie, Fall City, Preston, Carnation, Duvall, Clearwater and Monroe.
~Mercedes Crabtree, LMP

Angela Tessier, LMP
I learned of the benefits of massage when I was five months pregnant, tired and sore from the dramatic changes in my body.  After receiving a massage, I felt revitalized, amazed by its power to relieve my pregnancy aches and pains and to help me feel relaxed and centered. I remember my daughter also loved it, kicking energetically whenever I lied down on the table to receive a massage. 

Life can place many stresses on our bodies and minds leading to chronic pain and mental fatigue. I believe massage therapy has the potential to not only relieve our pain but also to reinvigorate us by helping us learn to relax and balance ourselves.

I received my professional certificate in Massage Therapy at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minnesota. My passion is doing rehabilitative massage therapy because of the way it helps clients to heal and find relief from acute and chronic pain and trauma. I also specialize in Manual Lymph Drainage, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Reflexology and Infant Massage.

In addition, I have ten years of experience as an educator teaching English as a Second Language in Minneapolis and in Japan. My hobbies include traveling, music, yoga and spending time outdoors with my family.

-Angela Tessier,  LMP

Certified Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist, (CMLDT)
1.206.755.9134  ~  info@moonvalleymassage.com
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